Welcome to The Hummingbird Clinic.

This is an acupuncture clinic for women and men. Essentially, I specialise in treating women and gynaecological complaints. My expertise and further training in Chinese Herbal medicine means I can treat these incredibly effectively.

Other post graduate training that I have undertaken has been in the area of treating babies and children. I run a children’s clinic using these very gentle Japanese methods.

The treatment for adults and children is very effective and good results are obtained. we want to create a state of wellness. The goal is to get well and stay well. The world is a speedy place and increasingly there are more and more demands on us all within society. This can create stress in the body and manifest as complaints or more seriously as illness. When the body complains, it wants you to take notice and assist it towards a state of wellness. This creates peace of body and mind. After a course of acupuncture +/herbs, you should feel and start to look “better.”

Amanda Thomas has been practising for the past 10 years. She has studied extensively and her aim where possible is to support women becoming pregnant naturally. If this is not possible, acupuncture can support IVF treatment and other assisted methods. Being a mother herself, she is passionate about babies and children and loves the challenge of assisting others to experience motherhood.

Acupuncture and herbs supports men in the fertility process as they can help to improve

–  sperm motility

–  sperm mobility

–  sperm morphology

After many years of working with women and men, often to improve their fertility and supporting women through the IVF process, Amanda broadened her practice to work with babies and children. She studied a Japanese technique called Shonishin. It is relatively new to the UK but has been practised widely in Japan since the 1300’s.

The Japanese view is less is more …

The beauty of Shonishin is in its simplicity, gentleness, and effectiveness.