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Acupuncture In Whitstable Kent

What acupuncture is used for?

Acupuncture along with traditional Chinese medicine is a complete medical system.  It acts on body and mind. Acupuncture benefits are numerous and it is capable of diagnosing and treating a wide range of diseases such as:

  • Circulatory Disorders
  • Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat Disorders
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Immune Disorders
  • Gynaecological / Genitourinary Disorders
  • Addiction - smoking, sugar, drugs
  • Respiratory Disorders - asthma etc.
  • Musculoskeletal and Neurological Disorders - Parkinson’s, MS
  • Emotional and Psychological Disorders - anxiety, depression, panic attacks, phobias

Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine can also treat diabetes, dermatological disorders, weight control, chemotherapy and radiation side effects.

However in Hummingbird clinic that is providing acupuncture in Kent, we specialize in acupuncture treatments for male and female fertility and supporting pregnancy.

Acupuncture treatment for fertility

The acupuncture benefits for men fertility are significant. For the last 50 years, sperm quality has been decreasing due to food custom modification, environmental toxins and stress. Scientific studies estimated that 40 to 60% of the fertility problems are due to male fertility issues.

However, these issues can be treated by acupuncture. Indeed specific treatments mixing Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture can increase the sperm production and quality and restore the normal sperm shape. Chinese Medicine can achieve excellent results even when the diagnosis is unexplained in Western Medicine.

Those treatments coupled with vitamins, proper diet, physical exercise and anti-oxidant supplementation have shown solid results.

We are also using acupuncture to treat women fertility issues. Acupuncture has been used for centuries to treat this type of issues. Combined with herbal medicine, the following conditions can be treated effectively in Hummingbird clinic:


  • Regulation of the menstrual cycle
  • Stress reduction
    • Stress is one of the main reasons of infertility problems. Indeed the released of stress hormones in our body affect the effects of fertility hormones such as progesterone. And it eventually leads to perturbation of the ovulatory menstrual cycle. Stress reduction properties of acupuncture are due to its sympathetic calming effects and its beta-endorphin release.
  • Improving blood flow to the uterus and ovaries
    • Stress also caused the blood to be diverted from the uterus and ovaries to the stress coping gland called adrenals. This irregular blood flow can cause lack of ovulation, infertility and irregular menstrual cycles. The blood flow can be redirected back the ovaries and uterus by acupuncture treatment
  • Fertility hormone regulation:
    • The release of beta-endorphin by acupuncture has a direct influence on fertility and women’s ovulatory hormones such as gonadotropin, luteinizing hormones and follicle stimulating hormone.
  • Improving the thickness  of your endometrium by increasing blood circulation to the uterus
  • Improving egg quality by regulating hormones
  • Triggering ovulation in some women with ovulation dysfunction
  • Assisting women with PCOS, endometriosis, painful periods, pelvic inflammation

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Acupuncture and pregnancy

In addition to fertility issues, we also specialized on offering acupuncture treatments for pregnant women. Indeed acupuncture can prevent successfully unpleasant pregnancy symptoms such as:

  • Lower back and pelvic pain
  • Morning sickness
  • Sleep problems
  • Headaches
  • Depression

We also highly advise women with an history of miscarriage to consult us for acupuncture treatment. We recommend our patients to have acupuncture treatment once week during the first trimester to relieve pregnancy symptoms and maintain patient’s body healthy. During the second trimester, an monthly acupuncture treatment is advisable to ensure a proper blood flow to the uterus and to your general well-being.

While needles might be scary for patients, the dangers of acupuncture to treat infertility are almost inexistent. Some acupuncture points are not advisable during pregnancy but any licensed acupuncturist specialized in pregnancy and infertility issue is well aware about those specific points.

The side effects of acupuncture treatment for pregnant woman are minimal too when compared to drug fertility treatment (abdominal tenderness, fluid retention, bloating, weight gain). The major side effects are bruising around the needle site and a feeling of fatigue.

Acupuncture facts for fertility and pregnancy treatment:

A study done by Tel Aviv University reported that combining traditional Chinese medicine with intrauterine insemination leads to a conceiving rate of 65.5%  compared to 39.4% for the control group that hasn’t been treated with herbal and acupuncture therapy.

A group of researcher that published in the American Journal of obstetrics & gynecology  has shown the effectiveness of acupuncture for back pain relief. 3 groups of pregnant women where constituted:

  • One receiving acupuncture treatment
  • One receiving sham acupuncture treatment
  • One receiving no treatment at all

The first group reported that 80% of pregnant women had a clinically significant reduction in pain. The second group reported a reduction of 56% while the last one 36% only. Thus proving the effectiveness of acupuncture for pain relief

While traditional Chinese medicine is not totally understood by western science,  acupuncture facts and statistics have shown that it is serious alternative or complement to other type of medical treatment.


Acupuncture information facts and history


Acupuncture is a traditional medicine that appears pretty early in human history. The first scientific traces of acupuncture have been found in India 5000 thousand years ago. Indeed the Ayurvedic medical treaty describes precisely how acupuncture can be used to treat various health disorders.

Later in ancient Egypt, around 1534 BC, the Ebers papyrus gave a precise description of the conduits running through the human body carrying the vital fluids (blood, air, water and mucus). And it already stated that imbalances between this fluids were the sources of diseases.

And finally, the first traces of acupuncture in China dates back to 168 Before Christ. Documents about lawsuits showed that Chinese doctors  had to justify the therapeutic relevancy of acupuncture after using needles to treat their patients. Historians, therefore, concluded that it marked the beginning of acupuncture as a traditional medicine in China.

Finally, acupuncture was introduced in Europe during the XVIIth century through Willen Ten Rhyne, a dutch doctor from the Bristish India company, that discovered this therapeutic treatment in Japan. It was first recognized as part of medical practice in France in 1955 by the French National Academy of Medecine.


Ancient Chinese acupuncture facts and principles


Yin and Yang

Traditional Chinese beliefs are based on the interactions between two opposites forces: Yin (dark) and Yang (bright). A living being is an organization that combines the material body, of Yin nature, and the energy, of Yang nature. Optimal health is obtained with 2 forces are in perfect balance. And perturbations of this balance are the cause of the emergence of diseases.

For exemple, an excess of Yang could generate sudden pain, inflammation, spasms, head ache or higher blood pressure. An excess of Yin could lead to widespread pain,  cold sensations, water retention or chronic fatigue.

This disorders between the Yin and the Yang are the results of sticking points. Typically, energy (also called Qi) is blocked and accumulates upstream of the blockage creating an excess of energy in this area, while the regions downstream face an energy deficit. The acupuncturist through a precise diagnosis based on the observations of the following indicators:

  • Detailed interview
  • Observation of the tongue, face and hands
  • Pulse taking
  • Skin tone
  • Palpations

Based on this observations, the apucunturist determines where the energy is blocked and the reasons of the blockage. By using needles, the energy is re-oriented correctly through the body.

The energy circulates throughout fluid conduits called meridians. There are types of meridians:

  • The 12 divergent meridians
  • The 12 tendinomuscular meridians
  • The 12 principal meridians
  • The 8 extraordinary vessels

The traditional Chinese acupuncture focus mainly on the 12 principal meridians, each of them is associated to a specific function and closely related to a specific organ:

  • Arm Tai Yin Lung Meridian:

Functions: to regulate breathing.

Physiological impact: it is the bridge between mind and body by regulating the autonomous nervous system and controlling energy and pulse.

Psycho-emotional aspects: Positive psycho-emotional aspects of lungs are high self-esteem, integrity, righteousness and dignity while the negative attributes are shame, sorrow, sadness, and disappointment.

The Lung channel pathway and acupuncture points charts:

  • Arm Yang Ming Large Intestine Meridian:

Functions: elimination of solid waste and absorption of fluids

Physiological impact: this meridian regulates the digestive function. It plays an important part to balance and purify the bodily fluids. It has also a direct impact on the lungs controlling the skin’s pores and perspiration.

Psycho-emotional impacts: Imbalance of energy in the large intestine leads to irritability, discouragement, apathy and distress.

The Large intestine Channel Pathway and the acupuncture point charts

  • Leg Yang Ming Stomach Meridian:

Functions: digestion and absorption of postnatal energy

Physiological impact: The stomach is responsible for balancing the Five Elemental Energy from foods and fluids ingested.

Psycho-emotional impact: The stomach controls the mental state, imbalance can result in severe anxiety, mania, hypomania and hyperactivity.

The stomach Channel Pathway and acupuncture point charts:

  • Leg Tai Yin Spleen Meridian:

Functions: to house the wisdom mind (Body’s Yi), to cleanse the blood

Physiological impact: the Leg Tai Yin Spleen Meridian regulates the quantity and quality of blood. Spleen energy extracts the energy from the stomach to the lungs, where in contact with air it becomes True Human Energy

Psycho-emotional impact: The Spleen is often associated with honesty, impartiality, trust, balance, equanimity and openness for its positive attributes while in the negative side obsession, regret, remorse, worry and excessive thinking are attributes associated with it.

The Spleen Channel Pathway and acupuncture points chart:      

  • Arm Shao Yin Heart Meridian:

Functions: house of the spirit, responsible of the circulation and the pulse

Physiological impact: It influences the circulation and distribution of blood to the other organs.

Psycho-emotional impact: It regulates emotions , memory, thinking, cognition and intelligence.

The Heart Channel Pathway and acupuncture point charts:


  • Arm Tai Yang Small Intestine Meridian:

Functions: to absorbs nutrients, digestion and elimination

Physiological impact: the Arm Tai Yang Small Intestine Meridian influences the function of the pituary gland. This gland regulates the entire endocrine system, metabolism, immunity and sexuality.

Psycho-emotional impacts: Powers of discernment, mental clarity, judgment is influenced by the small intestine. The small intestine is associated with the ability to identify relevant issues with lucidity before making a decision.

The Small intestine Channel Pathway and acupuncture point charts:


  • Leg Tai Yang Bladder Meridian

Functions: To store and eliminates waste fluids

Physiological impact: Stimulations of the spinal branches of the Leg Tai Yang Bladder Meridian can relief the pain and the tension along the spine and its periphery. Actions on this areas have a direct impact over the nervous system which is crucial for all the body’s basic vital functions.

Psycho-emotional impacts: Lack of decision making capability, procrastination, diminished moral character and habitual fear can be caused by imbalance in the Bladder. In the most severe cases, it results in unpleasant emotional responses such as suspicion and jealousy.

The Channel Bladder Pathway and acupuncture point charts:


  • Leg Shao Yin Kidney Meridian

Functions: To filter the blood and store prenatal essence

Physiological impact: The Kidney channel has a direct relation with the immune system, vitality and sexual functions.

Psycho-emotional impact:  Rationality , wisdom , gentleness, clear perception and self-understanding are the attributes of a healthy kidney. Inversely the attributes of an unhealthy kidney are the sentiments of insecurity, fear, and loneliness.

The Channel Kidney Pathway and acupuncture point charts:


  • The Arm Jue Yin Pericardium Meridian

Functions: to protect the heart

Physiological impact: the pericardium regulates the activity of the heart by moderating the radical fluctuations in energy induced by the daily emotional up and down. Pericardium energy makes the connection between the physical and emotional aspects of sexual activity.

Psycho-emotional impact: Patient’s mental and emotional states are driven by the pericardium.

The Channel Pericardium pathway and acupuncture point charts:

  • The Arm Shao Yang Triple Burner Meridian

Functions: to regulate transportation and transformation of body fluids

Physiological impact: This system located in the three main cavities (pelvis, thorax and abdomen) regulates the activity of the other organs. Its main functions are to produce and transport nourishing and protective energies and to move and transform the fluids and solids throughout the system.

Psycho-emotional impact: The triple burners influence the consciousness. Fully functioning triple burners reflects in benevolent and kindhearted mind.

The triple burner channel pathway and acupuncture point charts:


  • The Leg Shao Yang Gall Bladder Meridian

Functions: To store and excrete bile

Physiological impact: The gallbladder eliminates the toxic residue of metabolism from the muscular system by secreting bile. Its energy is the main source of vitality and muscular strength. And the obstruction of the gallbladder meridian is the frequent cause of headache.

Psycho-emotional impact:  The gallbladder is directly related to the capacity of making decisions, judgements. Courage and initiative are also 2 factors influence by the gallbladder. Person with a strong gallbladder is likely decisive and determined while inversely a person with a weak gall bladder is easily discouraged, indecisive and timid.

The Gallbladder Channel Pathway and acupuncture point charts:



  • The Leg Yue Yin Liver Meridian

Functions: To control the free flow of Qi and to store the blood

Physiological impact: In addition to its storing, replenishing, nourishing, detoxifying and filtering blood, the liver governs the peripheral nervous system which controls tension and muscular activity. Tendons and ligaments are also regulated by liver energy.

Psycho-emotional impact: Liver energy has a strategic importance. Indeed it is the source of creativity and planning. Its positive attributes are generosity, benevolence, kindness and compassion while its negative attributes lead to depression, rage, anger, frustration and irritability.

The Liver Channel Pathway and acupuncture point charts:


The meridians have been found by Chinese practitioners by experimenting and observing the effects of the stimulations by needles of certain areas. After many trials, they were able to notice that stimulating certain areas would lead to symptomatic relief from a particular ailment. The compilation of this results ended by the determination of a complex network of meridians, also called meridian map.

The meridians are connecting and uniting the different parts and organs of our body. They transport the energy (Qi) , the bloods and the different body fluids. The Chinese traditional medicine after observations noticed that the vital energy concentrates on certain points of the skin’s surface. The points, also called acupuncture points, affect the internal functions of our body. Each acupuncture point is located on a meridian pathway and connects directly to a specific organ. There are 365 acupuncture points. 

The Hummingbird Acupuncture Clinic in Whitstable, Kent

The Hummingbird Acupuncture Clinic is specialized in Traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine. Amanda Thomas and her team have been treating with acupuncture and herbal medicine patients suffering from fertility problems and pregnancy related issues for more than 10 years. We have a long and successful experience of supporting couples and women to conceive naturally. Allow us to present the benefits of acupuncture treatment.