Beyond Thought

Clear sky - Beyond Thought

I am on the first day of a 5 day retreat through Innate Wellbeing and I have to say IT’S BLISS!!!

The lead up to it was DEFINITELY NOT!

It’s the first time myself and my partner have both been away from our daughter in the 7 years she has been around.

I was frantically trying to think of all the things I would need to think about for her whilst being away.

The day before I came my daughter actually said “you don’t need to worry about me Mum.”

How insightful, I thought.

During training this morning I literally bathed in the words of Dr. Dicken Bettinger as he talked about how we attach so much to our thinking. So much so that our beliefs are built up around that and our personality + if we react to our thinking = behaviour.

He conjured this lovely image to explain how our minds work. Your mind is like a blank sky and all the thoughts that run through it are like birds that float across the sky. Sometimes there’s loads of birds when there’s a “thought storm”, sometimes it’s clearer and maybe there’s just one bird in the sky.

Whatever the picture. We are not our thoughts. And once we can get beyond that. Under Stand That then we can stand under our thoughts and appreciate ourselves and our lives more.

This is the paradox of life. It’s all an illusion. Yet we attach SO much to it. Our ego can take over all the time.

So, as Rudi Kennard succinctly put it … Once you get past that: by ignoring your experience of your thoughts, by getting past your personality of whatever that is for you…

Whether you think you are insecure, not good enough, a good artist, a not so good writer, an angry person sometimes… Whatever it is for YOU….

It allows for more peace of mind, more open heartedness and more best bits. Or at least you can enjoy the not so good bits. Realise that it will pass and make room for something else.

We attach so much to our personal thinking. It defines who we are. Who we think we are. Therein lies the paradox.

Letting go of our personal thinking creates space for a recharge. A restart.

Love that! Hit the refresh button.

Have a great week,