Spring has Sprung


Today really feels like the beginning of Spring.

In Chinese Medicine thought, Spring is associated with the colour green, the sound of shouting, the Wood element, the climate of wind, things sprouting, your eyes, your liver, your anger, patience and altruism.

This is why Spring can also be a good time to detox, it gives the liver a chance to become rejuvenated and allows a resting period before it starts anew.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring is the time of the Liver – the body’s major organ of detoxification and here are a few ways you can help it.

  • You can cut down on foods like carbohydrates and sugar, alcohol and caffeine. This gives the liver a chance to rest and cleanse the blood. This process helps the body physically but also emotionally.
  • To assist with cleansing the blood you can eat more garlic, fresh vegetables and drink plenty of water.
  • It really helps the liver when you move, assisting the body to shake off the sluggishness of Winter. Spring is a excellent time to get more active. If your energy is low, start with some gentle walking, start with just 20 minutes every day.

You can celebrate Spring by:

Just being outside more  – what a joy after the long Winter to just be outside and enjoy more fresh air. 🌻

Having a good clear out – “out with the old, in with the new!” Getting rid of things you really don’t need, allows space for fresh, new, more appropriate things to come your way. This is the beginning of a new time.

Let go of stuff that doesn’t serve you anymore –  with the time of new beginnings it’s a good time to let go of any habits that you don’t want e.g. smoking, excess eating, cutting down on alchohol, sugar , caffeine ..  give your body and Liver a chance to rejuvenate 💙

Flying a kite– the climate of Spring is wind. It’s a sunny but windy day here on the coast today.

Shouting! Letting it go. Time to begin anew. Get all those rants out, let go of old resentments, find a way of releasing your anger without upsetting others. This is a way of emotionally clearing out, which makes space for more of the good and yummy stuff .🤑

Spring can be a good time to try out new activities or to start new projects.

However you choose to spend your time ..

Have fun!

Amanda x

Hear hear

Did you ever have an experience that took you to the most unusual of places?

I went on a rollercoaster ride once in Disneyland Paris. It happened so quickly. I screamed with pure fear and sheer delight all rolled into one. I didn’t have time to shout. ” GET ME OFF”

Three years ago I lost my hearing. Just like that. One minute it was there; the next it was gone.

“Shit! Where did it go?”

The power of the mind to throw you in all kinds of directions when something unexpected happens.

It can go to –


FEAR – yes **** Everything And Run

Wonder -as in the kind of wonder where you wonder whether you are in a dream and will wake up at some point. You know the one where you wake up and go PHEW! Thank God, I was just dreaming.

Well this one wasn’t like that. I would wake up in the morning, scrabbling for my hearing aids wishing I could just go back to sleep.

To say it has been an experience, is an understatement.

At the end of last year, I was offered the opportunity to attend a deafness rehabilitation programme. Now there is something I never thought I would saying this lifetime.

I met an incredible bunch of people.

I came away feeling very inspired and with a sense of gratitude. It was supportive. The trainers were all brilliant. It was actually the first time I had ever met other people in a similar situation i.e adults who have become deafened in adult life.

It was interesting to watch the hearing people’s awareness being raised throughout the week. On the first night my partner actually commented that she felt like an outsider. And just to have the opportunity to have fun with other people in a similar situation.

It’s important to be able to relate to others. To have a sense of belonging. Regardless of who you are, what you want or your aspirations in life. Where do you feel like you belong?


How Chinese Medicine can Fix the Procrastinator in You

Do you put things off? Me too. There’s nothing like having something really important to do and then, you find yourself ( crazily at times) cleaning the skirting boards or something equally of importance .

Then, it struck me last week. What if you spent your whole god damn life putting off the important things and filling your time with the mundane.

I don’t know about you but, I didn’t come here to live a mediocre life. The mundane doesn’t sit that comfortably with me.

Somebody asked me once, “what’s your purpose…?” It slightly irked me that I didn’t know. I have always felt that there was a reason I was meant to be on the planet.

Last night, I had an incredibly inspiring evening amongst an innovative crowd of people. For the first time, I got a sense of my purpose. More on this later. That’s purpose by the way, not to be confused with porpoise. LOL!!

According to Psychology Today, everyone procrastinates but 1 in 5 people do so chronically i.e deliberately looking for tasks that allow for avoidance of dealing with difficult tasks. This reflects the struggle with self-control and the inability to accurately predict how we will feel tomorrow or the next day.

Ok that’s a more extreme view and nobody likes to think that they fall into that category, right?

From a Chinese Medicine point of view, there are many reasons that somebody may be procrastinating. Putting off certain tasks may be because a person doesn’t have the vision to see how to move forward.

Stagnant energy ( or Qi ) can make our energy sluggish, for some it can be hard to get motivated, maybe feeling lethargic or just not enough energy to get everything done.

Most of us lead really busy lives, juggling professions, making ends meet, looking after kids (for those that have them) and making sure all their needs are met. There is so much more pressure on us as a generation to achieve. And there is already more competition for our kids to succeed.

Acupuncture can help the body to recharge, clear away any stagnation and tonify the system. In short, giving the body a chance to unwind, rejuvenate and relax.

When the body is relaxed, this is when all the magic happens. Cells, tissues, muscles and hormones etcetera start behaving themselves. It isn’t rocket science and this doesn’t happen when we are rushing around with a million and one things to tick off our lists.

So, to look at solutions here, as an acupuncturist I am always (pretty much) going to suggest that acupuncture & herbs can fix most things. Having said that, I really don’t want a queue of procrastinators round the block outside my clinic door.

What I would suggest is to find something that works for you. That could be a local homeopath, life coach, a fitness class, chatting with a friend who you trust. It will be different for all of you. The best person that knows what is right for you is you.

To fix anything usually requires some action . Thinking about it doesn’t make it happen. Thinking is just that. Thinking.

( Reproduced with kind permission from funnytimes.com )