Are you thriving or just surviving?


Are you thriving?

It’s a great word isn’t it. Thrive – to flourish, grow vigoursly.  As a Mum pointed out this week after I posted this on Social Networking site Face Book.

“Start telling a better feeling story about the things that are important to you. Do not write your story like a factual documentary, weighing all the pros and cons of your experience, but instead tell the uplifting  magical, fanciful story of the wonder of your own life and watch what happens. It will feel like magic as your life starts to transform before your very eyes, but it is not by magic. It is by the Power of the Laws of the Universe and your deliberate alignment with those laws.”


What does it take for you to thrive? I don’t just mean ‘doing ok’ but really really singing from the rooftops (inside so you know not that you really have to be up there singing.)

Some people call it a ‘state of ok-ness.’ But I would argue that most people want to feel more than just ok. At best, to be ok when the non-ok ness comes around.

To really thrive is going to mean different things to different people. We are unique after all!

For me to really thrive, I found out this week that getting a new pair of hearing aids would at least help me to thrive. No more struggling to hear the most unimportant of things, but you didn’t really know if they were or not, hanging on every word, desperately trying to catch all the things that little people say whilst distracted & not really looking at you And speaking in an immature pitch that you can’t really catch at the best of the times anyway… The list goes on.

It’s exhausting. Upsetting. Alienating. Lonely even at times. We all have those moments. I know we do. We all do. Does it help, knowing that we all think those thoughts and feel those thoughts. No not really.

So, ‘reaching for the better feeling’ actually worked for me this week. I made a conscious intentional effort (i.e deliberate alignment with) to really reach for the better feeling. It worked.

And today is another day.

Reach for the ‘better feeling.’ Let’s try that again.

What do you do that really helps to give you that feeling that you’re thriving?

It could be something as simple as

  • going for a run or swim
  • walking/ cycling to school
  • going for a drink with a friend
  • making plans for the future

The only person that knows what’s good for you is you.

Keep reaching.


The Key to Happiness

I was interviewed a while ago by Judith Morgan for Entrepreneur Soul. For those that missed it…

In 2005 I qualified as an acupuncturist, believing I had finally found my true vocation in life. I was excited to begin my practice and had already decided to specialise in gynaecology and fertility/infertility. I was in the process of finishing my last year of herbal medicine to enable me to work more effectively with patients.

However, I was still looking for more. I had explored different avenues of personal development, meditation and chanting in a bid to achieve spiritual fulfilment. In one-way or another, nothing had quite hit the mark.

During my last year of study I met up with an old friend. We discussed going into business with each other. She had plans to open a clinic in Canary Wharf. At the time, I wasn’t ready to take on such a commitment. However, she asked me if I would like to start working there as soon as I had qualified. We had an agreement that I would.

I continued with my studies and didn’t see the friend for a while. After about a year I saw her again and was totally blown away, she looked so different. She invited me to a preview of a self-improvement seminar she had been doing called Self Actualisation. I was curious as I noticed how much it had positively impacted her.

I went to the preview and was very curious to participate in the weekend. I had to wait about 6 weeks until I was able to do it. I had a sense that it would be life-changing. I felt as if I wanted to make major changes in my life and I just couldn’t see how to do it. On the lead up to the week-end, I felt as if I was living two parallel lives; my old life and my new life were running along side each other. I could see my new life I just couldn’t work out how to get to it.

I did the weekend seminar of self actualization .

It was completely transformational. It is very difficult to say what happens in the weekend. The crux of it for me is that up until then I had only focussed on what I didn’t want. It became so much more powerful to focus on what I actually wanted. In this way, my life became more intentional and meaningful.

Eleven months later, I was pregnant with my first child. I had always known that I wanted a baby. It was somewhere out there in the ethers. My life previously had been spent thinking “One day I will….” As I said I became much more intentional and I realised if I wanted something that much I need to make it happen. I had to take action.

I actually decided 3 weeks before I got pregnant to explore the possibilities. I wrote a list of 20 ways I could make it happen. One of the ways is how I got pregnant. I specialise around fertility so I had a lot of knowledge in that field. I am an expert but to be able to put all of that into practice and intentionally get what I wanted was amazing.

When I did my first seminar of Self Actualisation, truthfully I only had £1k in savings. My investment in the weekend was £700. If I ever talk to friends/ clients about this seminar, people often get caught on the price.

TIME and MONEY, are the main considerations for most people.

I can only say that I have never looked back after doing that seminar. I know that I have got more than I ever bargained for. 6 years after taking that seminar, one daughter later, 6 properties in the Caribbean and an ever-increasing UK portfolio, I think I can safely say that I got my money’s worth. I know that my partner and my daughter came out of doing that work. I know that I could never put a price on either of their heads.

I became more intentional, actually physically going after what I wanted, continuing to be persistent in what I want and also being COMPLETELY RUTHLESS around that and my own personal happiness. To be ruthless doesn’t mean I have to step on other people’s dreams. For me it means, being absolutely clear about what I want and going after it with a WHATEVER IT TAKES attitude/ philosophy. I had a good life before, but it was mediochre. The life that we lead now is pretty exceptional, so much so that I forget how lucky we are. Most days I forget about the journey we have taken to get us to this point alone. We always aspire to more. The trick or the key to happiness for me is learning to appreciate what we already have.