Spring has Sprung


Today really feels like the beginning of Spring.

In Chinese Medicine thought, Spring is associated with the colour green, the sound of shouting, the Wood element, the climate of wind, things sprouting, your eyes, your liver, your anger, patience and altruism.

This is why Spring can also be a good time to detox, it gives the liver a chance to become rejuvenated and allows a resting period before it starts anew.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring is the time of the Liver – the body’s major organ of detoxification and here are a few ways you can help it.

  • You can cut down on foods like carbohydrates and sugar, alcohol and caffeine. This gives the liver a chance to rest and cleanse the blood. This process helps the body physically but also emotionally.
  • To assist with cleansing the blood you can eat more garlic, fresh vegetables and drink plenty of water.
  • It really helps the liver when you move, assisting the body to shake off the sluggishness of Winter. Spring is a excellent time to get more active. If your energy is low, start with some gentle walking, start with just 20 minutes every day.

You can celebrate Spring by:

Just being outside more  – what a joy after the long Winter to just be outside and enjoy more fresh air. 🌻

Having a good clear out – “out with the old, in with the new!” Getting rid of things you really don’t need, allows space for fresh, new, more appropriate things to come your way. This is the beginning of a new time.

Let go of stuff that doesn’t serve you anymore –  with the time of new beginnings it’s a good time to let go of any habits that you don’t want e.g. smoking, excess eating, cutting down on alchohol, sugar , caffeine ..  give your body and Liver a chance to rejuvenate 💙

Flying a kite– the climate of Spring is wind. It’s a sunny but windy day here on the coast today.

Shouting! Letting it go. Time to begin anew. Get all those rants out, let go of old resentments, find a way of releasing your anger without upsetting others. This is a way of emotionally clearing out, which makes space for more of the good and yummy stuff .🤑

Spring can be a good time to try out new activities or to start new projects.

However you choose to spend your time ..

Have fun!

Amanda x

K is for Kindness










Last week I signed up to Michael Neill’s ‘Creating The Impossible’ 2017, a programme where you approach a project that you think has less than 20% of success within 90 days. I started work on a book 18 months ago and decided it would be a challenge to see if I could complete it within the 90 days. Initially, I was excited then I spent a few days overthinking it, which led to pretty much zero productivity. Yesterday I was feeling low about the project and wondering how I could continue. I knew I needed to get out of my own way, let it go somehow and then see what happens. Somehow, when I woke this morning there was a shift in energy and my perspective on it all. I stopped beating myself up and put the metaphorical hammer down.

Sometimes the kindest thing we can do is to let ourselves off the hook, knowing that we are all doing our best in any given moment. In letting go of expectations of ourselves, there is more space for creativity, new inspiration and fresh ideas to emerge out of that space.

So here’s to being kind to others, but first and foremost here’s to being kind to ourselves first.

It really does start here …

With love,


A is for addiction ..

A is for addiction.

What is it that keeps us doing it. Whatever that is for you. Cravings. Giving in to that feeling. A sense of ugency as if you’re life won’t be complete without doing it.

Where does that feeling come from? It all comes from thought. Which even produces a physiological response in the body.

What if all that thought around that habit just fell away. Am I making it sound too easy?

It can be easy, as I discovered this year. My thinking around smoking just fell away. So much so that when I started AGAIN I thought the habit would fall away easily again.


Not so easy this time.

Once your on the ‘train of thought’ .. Actually picture an old steam puffing along. One puff & you are on the train, which needs more puffs & plumes of smoke to keep it going.

What if you just didn’t step on the train today. Just today.

A friend surprised me the other week. She said “it’s running, or the fags.”

That’s her treat to herself. Time alone. Something just for you.

We can be addicted to anything sex, money, food, chocolate, drugs …

What is it for you? You don’t have to be addicted to something by the way.

If you want to talk further about issues raised .. Call Amanda 07763 566710 or email me amandathomas70@btinternet.com



Are you thriving or just surviving?


Are you thriving?

It’s a great word isn’t it. Thrive – to flourish, grow vigoursly.  As a Mum pointed out this week after I posted this on Social Networking site Face Book.

“Start telling a better feeling story about the things that are important to you. Do not write your story like a factual documentary, weighing all the pros and cons of your experience, but instead tell the uplifting  magical, fanciful story of the wonder of your own life and watch what happens. It will feel like magic as your life starts to transform before your very eyes, but it is not by magic. It is by the Power of the Laws of the Universe and your deliberate alignment with those laws.”


What does it take for you to thrive? I don’t just mean ‘doing ok’ but really really singing from the rooftops (inside so you know not that you really have to be up there singing.)

Some people call it a ‘state of ok-ness.’ But I would argue that most people want to feel more than just ok. At best, to be ok when the non-ok ness comes around.

To really thrive is going to mean different things to different people. We are unique after all!

For me to really thrive, I found out this week that getting a new pair of hearing aids would at least help me to thrive. No more struggling to hear the most unimportant of things, but you didn’t really know if they were or not, hanging on every word, desperately trying to catch all the things that little people say whilst distracted & not really looking at you And speaking in an immature pitch that you can’t really catch at the best of the times anyway… The list goes on.

It’s exhausting. Upsetting. Alienating. Lonely even at times. We all have those moments. I know we do. We all do. Does it help, knowing that we all think those thoughts and feel those thoughts. No not really.

So, ‘reaching for the better feeling’ actually worked for me this week. I made a conscious intentional effort (i.e deliberate alignment with) to really reach for the better feeling. It worked.

And today is another day.

Reach for the ‘better feeling.’ Let’s try that again.

What do you do that really helps to give you that feeling that you’re thriving?

It could be something as simple as

  • going for a run or swim
  • walking/ cycling to school
  • going for a drink with a friend
  • making plans for the future

The only person that knows what’s good for you is you.

Keep reaching.


Writing my way towards success

Last year I attempted to write a book. Two days in, I had put so much pressure on myself to produce the most perfect book. A complete perfectionist.
So here’s the “thing.” What if your fear of failure. Not being THE BEST, kept you immobilized you’re whole life. That’s a long time. Or not.
Right now, I’m in the middle of the countryside in Thailand. It’s 5.30am and I’m tip tapping on an iPhone to write this. Later, I’ll wander around the corner to pick up a friend’s wi-Fi.
I was due to holiday here in two weeks anyway. But, I got the dreaded call in the middle of the night. To say my father had passed away here in Thailand. Peacefully, thankfully. That will be a real blessing in time to come.
Nothing like a death in the family to make you review life. And think about the legacy they have left. Which also gets me thinking about the legacy I would like to leave.

I know I can write. People tell me they enjoy reading my writing.
I am an acupuncturist. I specialise around fertility & infertility. When I moved out of London women would come from miles around to see me. Then slowly but surely the numbers started to go down. I have needed to get creative about attracting more clients into my clinic.
By carving myself out as ‘the expert’ in my field – it will raise my status. I think it’s all in the marketing.
I’m very good at what I do. I just need to get better at telling people that.
Writing an E book would be a great starting place.

Even in the past week, here in Thailand I have a met a couple who are ‘trying’ for a baby. I coached them. Not even any acupuncture needles. The first port of call is to relax around the process.
Babies come out of having fun not stressing about the process.

Whilst sitting with them, I thought if I had written my Ebook I could just hand it to them. Here, here’s a good starting point …

So I have known for a while that I needed to step up my game.

I have been reading James Chartrand’s Men with Pens’ emails for the past 18 months.
Then, there I am in the middle of a dusty Thai street early in the morning picking up somebody else’s wi-Fi… When I see the Damn Fine Words competition… Again!

But this time, I thought I am going for it.

So what would it mean to my business to win this writing scholarship?
• I think I would get more clients
• I’d potentially get more high-end clients
• I’d create more value
• potentially more self worth as more see my value
• I would get guidance and coaching around my writing
• this would give me more direction and focus
• I would be held accountable by somebody I admire and trust
• potentially I could become more effective.
• the ability to promote myself more in the world
• I will get to leave more of a legacy
Fancy that!

Essentially, what I’d like to get out of it is learning how to deliver. Be more effective rather than just thinking about it.

Becoming a better writer could be life-changing as it could put me more centre stage instead of on the side lines.

Not being that confident about my writing skills has kept me more under wraps.

What would it mean to have that swept away?

It would give me more confidence in myself and my skills and I believe it will also give me more ability to promote myself. I need to get better at telling people this is what I do. This is how I can help you. This is what value you can create with me. I have incredibly valuable skills. I know I’m worth it. But unless I tell people I’m
worth it, they won’t know.

Being a more confident writer will enable me to get “out there” more and create a public platform for myself.

So, if I win this scholarship to the writing course it could open up a whole new arena for me in my business and my life.

The closing date is today. I’ll keep you posted ….

If Your Baby gets colic, what can you do?

What do you do if you’re baby has colic?

When my baby (now 6) had colic. I didn’t know what to do. It was a nightmare to watch her be in pain and not know how to soothe her. We gave her some herbal drops which soothed her… For about 30 seconds.

I am an acupuncturist and am now qualified to work with babies and children (in the Japanese Shonishin therapy). So, I would have a better idea of what to do. But no baby! That’s why I invite those of you who have babies and don’t know what to do to call me up or email me to bring YOUR baby to my clinic so I can show YOU what to do. It’s really easy when you know how.

For those of you that can’t get to me in sunny, old, cold England right now. This is what you can do.

When you’re baby isn’t in pain – stroke your baby’s tummy gently with the tips of your fingers in a downward motion.

If you’re feeling more adventurous you can use the palm of your hand to massage her/his tummy. Use your palm and massage in a clock-wise (this is very important) direction around the stomach. If there are any signs of discomfort it may be that the massage is alleviating fullness in the tummy i.e moving stuck food or wind. If it is too uncomfortable don’t proceed.

You can move on to stroking the outer areas of the legs. Use the pad of your thumb or the tips of your fingertips. Don’t be afraid, you’re baby will let you know if you press too hard. Also, try not to be too light in your touch. It feels tickly.

When you get to the feet, pay particular attention to the base of the big toe. Rub it there. ( For the acupuncturists amongst us, it’s Spleen 3.) It’s important because it helps to tonify the system.

You can stroke the back as well. All over the body. Keep the whole massage to under 10 minutes.

All babies are born with a constitutional weakness, according to the Japanese. When that weakness is sorted out, all of the related symptoms should resolve.

Ok that’s enough for now! If you have a baby with colic and managed to read all of that I’d be very surprised. But if you did, well done!

Back to ‘Being Mum’ for me now ….


The Law of Attraction

“What goes around comes around.”

Does that mean anything to you?

You reap what you sow.

We are all creations of our own mind.

What strikes me though is that sometimes others’ perceptions of ‘us’ are often quite different to how ‘we’ view ‘us.’

So if we are all products of our own imagination and we are not happy with our perceived perception. Surely, it’s time to change one’s mindset.

How do you do that?

It could be
• through meditation
• life coaching
• walk in nature
• acupuncture – thought I’d better squeeze that one in there. Ha!
• hypnotherapy
• or something else

I love synchronicity. That really works for me. The beauty… is knowing when something synchronist is happening. If something like that happens – appreciate it. If you didn’t at the time – then go back ( in your mind ) and appreciate it anyway.

I have written about this before in my piece for Entrepreneur Soul.

Truthfully, for lots of reasons it’s been a tough Winter. Imagine my surprise, when my partner gets cold called & actually allows this guy to come show her, his product. Hmmmmm, I thought.

But, fortunately ” I zipped it!”

Say nothing! Often the best course of action!

And how glad am I that I did.

Synchronicity always amazes me.

The timing of this guy calling couldn’t have been more perfect. I appreciate him for that. And her for being creative and open to receiving in that way. It’s enabling us to embark on a venture and hopefully, some adventure.

Importantly, it gives us the opportunity to continue on the path of self development.

Happy Easter kids.

Or as someone nicely reminded me earlier – each day is an opportunity for celebration. Can you appreciate that?

Hear hear

Did you ever have an experience that took you to the most unusual of places?

I went on a rollercoaster ride once in Disneyland Paris. It happened so quickly. I screamed with pure fear and sheer delight all rolled into one. I didn’t have time to shout. ” GET ME OFF”

Three years ago I lost my hearing. Just like that. One minute it was there; the next it was gone.

“Shit! Where did it go?”

The power of the mind to throw you in all kinds of directions when something unexpected happens.

It can go to –


FEAR – yes **** Everything And Run

Wonder -as in the kind of wonder where you wonder whether you are in a dream and will wake up at some point. You know the one where you wake up and go PHEW! Thank God, I was just dreaming.

Well this one wasn’t like that. I would wake up in the morning, scrabbling for my hearing aids wishing I could just go back to sleep.

To say it has been an experience, is an understatement.

At the end of last year, I was offered the opportunity to attend a deafness rehabilitation programme. Now there is something I never thought I would saying this lifetime.

I met an incredible bunch of people.

I came away feeling very inspired and with a sense of gratitude. It was supportive. The trainers were all brilliant. It was actually the first time I had ever met other people in a similar situation i.e adults who have become deafened in adult life.

It was interesting to watch the hearing people’s awareness being raised throughout the week. On the first night my partner actually commented that she felt like an outsider. And just to have the opportunity to have fun with other people in a similar situation.

It’s important to be able to relate to others. To have a sense of belonging. Regardless of who you are, what you want or your aspirations in life. Where do you feel like you belong?


Improve your chances of Pregnancy with Acupuncture

How do you get pregnant? I don’t mean tell me about the birds and the bees. Most people have a general idea of how it happens. But for some it can remain this elusive concept.

First things first.

For a woman you need to be ovulating. This is when the egg is released that will coincide with the sperm given half the chance. This occurs approximately 14-16 days after the first day of your period.

For every woman it will be different. There are many factors to consider such as

• the length of your menstrual cycle
• its regularity – i.e is it always 30 days or does it change every month

How do you know if you are ovulating?

You can test yourself with ovulation test strips. This can work out to be expensive and sometimes be unreliable.

The best way and most reliable is by taking the temperature every morning and tracking the temperature. This is called a basal body temperature chart. You can download a BBT chart here for free.

Once you have the chart you have to take your temperature every morning and plot your results on the graph. Then when you have a whole month’s worth (or 3 month’s for better results) it is easier for a fertility specialist to see what is happening during the menstrual cycle.

The signs of ovulation are your vaginal mucus becomes clear, slippery and most stretchy. It looks like raw egg white. A simple test to check it is the right consistency is by putting the mucus between thumb and forefinger then pulling it apart. It should stick to both sides and be stretchy and clear.

Cervical mucus has an important job in helping you to get pregnant. It nourishes, protects and speeds the sperm on its way up through the uterus and into the fallopian tubes so that it can fertilize the egg.

Getting pregnant for some can be a bit of a lottery. However, like anything it can be easier if you stack the odds in your favour.

If you are planning or already undergoing IVF, research suggests that acupuncture improves chances by up to 60%.

The quality of the sperm also matters. If there are any issues with your partner’s sperm, herbal medicine can help.

Acupuncture can assist you to get pregnant. If you want any more info about how, email me
or call me directly on
07763 566710

Remember that the whole process is meant to be fun!


Vaccinating our children ~ is it our choice?

A friend, fellow acupuncturist and new Mum visited me recently. We talked about becoming Mums and the emotive topic of vaccination. I asked her if she would be a guest on my blog and write about her experiences.
She has happily obliged….

Whilst I was pregnant I did all I could to keep healthy, relaxed and happy, benefitting me and our baby girl. We had a hypnobirthing, natural, home water birth, all that I had hoped for! I was determined not to give my birthing power and experience over to the hospital, and to welcome our baby calmly at home. So, our beautiful, perfect girl was finally here, and we were thrust into the system of appointments, weighing, tests etc that are all normal to newborns and mums.

Jeez it was a lot, and looking back, I was tired and vulnerable. When the appointment card arrived in the post for her first lot of vaccinations, we went along with it. Even though I’m a holistic therapist and don’t agree with this practice. I still did it!! Literally as she had the five diseases injected into her thighs, I cried, I couldn’t get her quick enough to nurse her. It felt so wrong to my core, but I woke up, and said, no more. You know a baby has 18 injections given to them in the UK before the age of 3!

Luckily I have a fab friend who has decided not to vaccinate her two children, and got me onto the arnicanetwork.org. I’m pleased to say I’m involved with starting a support group in my area. There were 4 of us at the first meeting, and we shared differing experiences relating to our children’s health. The arnica group is to support parents CHOICES in health and natural immunity for our kids. I think as with most things in life, we need to find others that share our views and choices, and who allow us to learn and grow. I really feel this group is a wonderful forum to allow this.

The biggest shock for me is what the vaccines contain, I really think most parents and health professionals don’t even know. Certainly if you are vegan, these are not for you… Most shockingly these drugs are not tested. It would cost billions to properly research this, and would surely be an ethical minefield. This to me is the biggest decision maker. It’s a very hard decision, and I believe all parents should have all the information freely available to make this choice about their children’s future. One last thing…. Surgeries’ budgets are dependant on a high uptake of vaccines, food for thought…

For more detailed information on vaccinating go to www.vaccineriskawareness.com

I would like to thank Charlotte for writing this piece. Her experience as a newbie Mum is invaluable and she expresses well, the difficulties and challenges faced by new parents in today’s society. Making decisions for our children is part of everyday life. Big decisions around vaccinations need to be researched. There is pressure to vaccinate within the medical system. Know that you have a choice and there is support out there to support your decision. Ultimately you make the decision that is right for you and your baby which is all that matters.

Has this article been useful to you? What issues would you like to hear more about?