Spring has Sprung


Today really feels like the beginning of Spring.

In Chinese Medicine thought, Spring is associated with the colour green, the sound of shouting, the Wood element, the climate of wind, things sprouting, your eyes, your liver, your anger, patience and altruism.

This is why Spring can also be a good time to detox, it gives the liver a chance to become rejuvenated and allows a resting period before it starts anew.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring is the time of the Liver – the body’s major organ of detoxification and here are a few ways you can help it.

  • You can cut down on foods like carbohydrates and sugar, alcohol and caffeine. This gives the liver a chance to rest and cleanse the blood. This process helps the body physically but also emotionally.
  • To assist with cleansing the blood you can eat more garlic, fresh vegetables and drink plenty of water.
  • It really helps the liver when you move, assisting the body to shake off the sluggishness of Winter. Spring is a excellent time to get more active. If your energy is low, start with some gentle walking, start with just 20 minutes every day.

You can celebrate Spring by:

Just being outside more  – what a joy after the long Winter to just be outside and enjoy more fresh air. 🌻

Having a good clear out – “out with the old, in with the new!” Getting rid of things you really don’t need, allows space for fresh, new, more appropriate things to come your way. This is the beginning of a new time.

Let go of stuff that doesn’t serve you anymore –  with the time of new beginnings it’s a good time to let go of any habits that you don’t want e.g. smoking, excess eating, cutting down on alchohol, sugar , caffeine ..  give your body and Liver a chance to rejuvenate 💙

Flying a kite– the climate of Spring is wind. It’s a sunny but windy day here on the coast today.

Shouting! Letting it go. Time to begin anew. Get all those rants out, let go of old resentments, find a way of releasing your anger without upsetting others. This is a way of emotionally clearing out, which makes space for more of the good and yummy stuff .🤑

Spring can be a good time to try out new activities or to start new projects.

However you choose to spend your time ..

Have fun!

Amanda x

A is for addiction ..

A is for addiction.

What is it that keeps us doing it. Whatever that is for you. Cravings. Giving in to that feeling. A sense of ugency as if you’re life won’t be complete without doing it.

Where does that feeling come from? It all comes from thought. Which even produces a physiological response in the body.

What if all that thought around that habit just fell away. Am I making it sound too easy?

It can be easy, as I discovered this year. My thinking around smoking just fell away. So much so that when I started AGAIN I thought the habit would fall away easily again.


Not so easy this time.

Once your on the ‘train of thought’ .. Actually picture an old steam puffing along. One puff & you are on the train, which needs more puffs & plumes of smoke to keep it going.

What if you just didn’t step on the train today. Just today.

A friend surprised me the other week. She said “it’s running, or the fags.”

That’s her treat to herself. Time alone. Something just for you.

We can be addicted to anything sex, money, food, chocolate, drugs …

What is it for you? You don’t have to be addicted to something by the way.

If you want to talk further about issues raised .. Call Amanda 07763 566710 or email me amandathomas70@btinternet.com



Writing my way towards success

Last year I attempted to write a book. Two days in, I had put so much pressure on myself to produce the most perfect book. A complete perfectionist.
So here’s the “thing.” What if your fear of failure. Not being THE BEST, kept you immobilized you’re whole life. That’s a long time. Or not.
Right now, I’m in the middle of the countryside in Thailand. It’s 5.30am and I’m tip tapping on an iPhone to write this. Later, I’ll wander around the corner to pick up a friend’s wi-Fi.
I was due to holiday here in two weeks anyway. But, I got the dreaded call in the middle of the night. To say my father had passed away here in Thailand. Peacefully, thankfully. That will be a real blessing in time to come.
Nothing like a death in the family to make you review life. And think about the legacy they have left. Which also gets me thinking about the legacy I would like to leave.

I know I can write. People tell me they enjoy reading my writing.
I am an acupuncturist. I specialise around fertility & infertility. When I moved out of London women would come from miles around to see me. Then slowly but surely the numbers started to go down. I have needed to get creative about attracting more clients into my clinic.
By carving myself out as ‘the expert’ in my field – it will raise my status. I think it’s all in the marketing.
I’m very good at what I do. I just need to get better at telling people that.
Writing an E book would be a great starting place.

Even in the past week, here in Thailand I have a met a couple who are ‘trying’ for a baby. I coached them. Not even any acupuncture needles. The first port of call is to relax around the process.
Babies come out of having fun not stressing about the process.

Whilst sitting with them, I thought if I had written my Ebook I could just hand it to them. Here, here’s a good starting point …

So I have known for a while that I needed to step up my game.

I have been reading James Chartrand’s Men with Pens’ emails for the past 18 months.
Then, there I am in the middle of a dusty Thai street early in the morning picking up somebody else’s wi-Fi… When I see the Damn Fine Words competition… Again!

But this time, I thought I am going for it.

So what would it mean to my business to win this writing scholarship?
• I think I would get more clients
• I’d potentially get more high-end clients
• I’d create more value
• potentially more self worth as more see my value
• I would get guidance and coaching around my writing
• this would give me more direction and focus
• I would be held accountable by somebody I admire and trust
• potentially I could become more effective.
• the ability to promote myself more in the world
• I will get to leave more of a legacy
Fancy that!

Essentially, what I’d like to get out of it is learning how to deliver. Be more effective rather than just thinking about it.

Becoming a better writer could be life-changing as it could put me more centre stage instead of on the side lines.

Not being that confident about my writing skills has kept me more under wraps.

What would it mean to have that swept away?

It would give me more confidence in myself and my skills and I believe it will also give me more ability to promote myself. I need to get better at telling people this is what I do. This is how I can help you. This is what value you can create with me. I have incredibly valuable skills. I know I’m worth it. But unless I tell people I’m
worth it, they won’t know.

Being a more confident writer will enable me to get “out there” more and create a public platform for myself.

So, if I win this scholarship to the writing course it could open up a whole new arena for me in my business and my life.

The closing date is today. I’ll keep you posted ….

The Law of Attraction

“What goes around comes around.”

Does that mean anything to you?

You reap what you sow.

We are all creations of our own mind.

What strikes me though is that sometimes others’ perceptions of ‘us’ are often quite different to how ‘we’ view ‘us.’

So if we are all products of our own imagination and we are not happy with our perceived perception. Surely, it’s time to change one’s mindset.

How do you do that?

It could be
• through meditation
• life coaching
• walk in nature
• acupuncture – thought I’d better squeeze that one in there. Ha!
• hypnotherapy
• or something else

I love synchronicity. That really works for me. The beauty… is knowing when something synchronist is happening. If something like that happens – appreciate it. If you didn’t at the time – then go back ( in your mind ) and appreciate it anyway.

I have written about this before in my piece for Entrepreneur Soul.

Truthfully, for lots of reasons it’s been a tough Winter. Imagine my surprise, when my partner gets cold called & actually allows this guy to come show her, his product. Hmmmmm, I thought.

But, fortunately ” I zipped it!”

Say nothing! Often the best course of action!

And how glad am I that I did.

Synchronicity always amazes me.

The timing of this guy calling couldn’t have been more perfect. I appreciate him for that. And her for being creative and open to receiving in that way. It’s enabling us to embark on a venture and hopefully, some adventure.

Importantly, it gives us the opportunity to continue on the path of self development.

Happy Easter kids.

Or as someone nicely reminded me earlier – each day is an opportunity for celebration. Can you appreciate that?

Improve your chances of Pregnancy with Acupuncture

How do you get pregnant? I don’t mean tell me about the birds and the bees. Most people have a general idea of how it happens. But for some it can remain this elusive concept.

First things first.

For a woman you need to be ovulating. This is when the egg is released that will coincide with the sperm given half the chance. This occurs approximately 14-16 days after the first day of your period.

For every woman it will be different. There are many factors to consider such as

• the length of your menstrual cycle
• its regularity – i.e is it always 30 days or does it change every month

How do you know if you are ovulating?

You can test yourself with ovulation test strips. This can work out to be expensive and sometimes be unreliable.

The best way and most reliable is by taking the temperature every morning and tracking the temperature. This is called a basal body temperature chart. You can download a BBT chart here for free.

Once you have the chart you have to take your temperature every morning and plot your results on the graph. Then when you have a whole month’s worth (or 3 month’s for better results) it is easier for a fertility specialist to see what is happening during the menstrual cycle.

The signs of ovulation are your vaginal mucus becomes clear, slippery and most stretchy. It looks like raw egg white. A simple test to check it is the right consistency is by putting the mucus between thumb and forefinger then pulling it apart. It should stick to both sides and be stretchy and clear.

Cervical mucus has an important job in helping you to get pregnant. It nourishes, protects and speeds the sperm on its way up through the uterus and into the fallopian tubes so that it can fertilize the egg.

Getting pregnant for some can be a bit of a lottery. However, like anything it can be easier if you stack the odds in your favour.

If you are planning or already undergoing IVF, research suggests that acupuncture improves chances by up to 60%.

The quality of the sperm also matters. If there are any issues with your partner’s sperm, herbal medicine can help.

Acupuncture can assist you to get pregnant. If you want any more info about how, email me
or call me directly on
07763 566710

Remember that the whole process is meant to be fun!


The Key to Happiness

I was interviewed a while ago by Judith Morgan for Entrepreneur Soul. For those that missed it…

In 2005 I qualified as an acupuncturist, believing I had finally found my true vocation in life. I was excited to begin my practice and had already decided to specialise in gynaecology and fertility/infertility. I was in the process of finishing my last year of herbal medicine to enable me to work more effectively with patients.

However, I was still looking for more. I had explored different avenues of personal development, meditation and chanting in a bid to achieve spiritual fulfilment. In one-way or another, nothing had quite hit the mark.

During my last year of study I met up with an old friend. We discussed going into business with each other. She had plans to open a clinic in Canary Wharf. At the time, I wasn’t ready to take on such a commitment. However, she asked me if I would like to start working there as soon as I had qualified. We had an agreement that I would.

I continued with my studies and didn’t see the friend for a while. After about a year I saw her again and was totally blown away, she looked so different. She invited me to a preview of a self-improvement seminar she had been doing called Self Actualisation. I was curious as I noticed how much it had positively impacted her.

I went to the preview and was very curious to participate in the weekend. I had to wait about 6 weeks until I was able to do it. I had a sense that it would be life-changing. I felt as if I wanted to make major changes in my life and I just couldn’t see how to do it. On the lead up to the week-end, I felt as if I was living two parallel lives; my old life and my new life were running along side each other. I could see my new life I just couldn’t work out how to get to it.

I did the weekend seminar of self actualization .

It was completely transformational. It is very difficult to say what happens in the weekend. The crux of it for me is that up until then I had only focussed on what I didn’t want. It became so much more powerful to focus on what I actually wanted. In this way, my life became more intentional and meaningful.

Eleven months later, I was pregnant with my first child. I had always known that I wanted a baby. It was somewhere out there in the ethers. My life previously had been spent thinking “One day I will….” As I said I became much more intentional and I realised if I wanted something that much I need to make it happen. I had to take action.

I actually decided 3 weeks before I got pregnant to explore the possibilities. I wrote a list of 20 ways I could make it happen. One of the ways is how I got pregnant. I specialise around fertility so I had a lot of knowledge in that field. I am an expert but to be able to put all of that into practice and intentionally get what I wanted was amazing.

When I did my first seminar of Self Actualisation, truthfully I only had £1k in savings. My investment in the weekend was £700. If I ever talk to friends/ clients about this seminar, people often get caught on the price.

TIME and MONEY, are the main considerations for most people.

I can only say that I have never looked back after doing that seminar. I know that I have got more than I ever bargained for. 6 years after taking that seminar, one daughter later, 6 properties in the Caribbean and an ever-increasing UK portfolio, I think I can safely say that I got my money’s worth. I know that my partner and my daughter came out of doing that work. I know that I could never put a price on either of their heads.

I became more intentional, actually physically going after what I wanted, continuing to be persistent in what I want and also being COMPLETELY RUTHLESS around that and my own personal happiness. To be ruthless doesn’t mean I have to step on other people’s dreams. For me it means, being absolutely clear about what I want and going after it with a WHATEVER IT TAKES attitude/ philosophy. I had a good life before, but it was mediochre. The life that we lead now is pretty exceptional, so much so that I forget how lucky we are. Most days I forget about the journey we have taken to get us to this point alone. We always aspire to more. The trick or the key to happiness for me is learning to appreciate what we already have.

Are you a leader or a follower?

I was interviewed by Judith Morgan from Entrepreneur Soul recently. It was an interesting experience for lots of reasons. In setting up the interview via email correspondence Judith and I had a bit of a mix-up in that I expected that she would send me the questions.

I waited. In that can you hurry up and send me the questions kind of a way. For those that know Judith, you’ll appreciate that she usually doesn’t take long to reply to you.

Then the mix-up became apparent. What you mean I get to choose the questions? Very good.

How we laughed.

It was quite a turn around in my thinking though. Recently, I have been reading Seth Godin’s book ‘Tribes’- We need you to lead us which essentially talks about becoming a leader in your field, an expert and innovation.

The sign of a true leader, for me is somebody that isn’t afraid to set themselves apart from the crowd – to be different.

More than that, someone who actually recognizes their difference and then here’s the nugget, the person that actually celebrates their difference.

We are all unique. Some people feel more comfortable following the crowd.

That’s ok.

Godin says we all have the power to start a movement. I guess you have to have something important to say, this can translate into an important product that people want to buy but not necessarily.

The innovators amongst us recognise what the market wants, create it and give the people what they want. Godin comments that a crowd of people actually want a leader.

Increasingly we have more power and connection through the use of the internet and ( dare I say it ) social networking. Love it or not – it can be an incredibly powerful tool.

For those that haven’t had the chance to read it elsewhere, you can read the interview by following this link

If you were going to lead a movement… What would it be? Do you agree with Seth Godin that people want a leader? Are you a leader or a follower? Welcome your comments on this one.

One of my favourite leaders at the moment…..


How Chinese Medicine can Fix the Procrastinator in You

Do you put things off? Me too. There’s nothing like having something really important to do and then, you find yourself ( crazily at times) cleaning the skirting boards or something equally of importance .

Then, it struck me last week. What if you spent your whole god damn life putting off the important things and filling your time with the mundane.

I don’t know about you but, I didn’t come here to live a mediocre life. The mundane doesn’t sit that comfortably with me.

Somebody asked me once, “what’s your purpose…?” It slightly irked me that I didn’t know. I have always felt that there was a reason I was meant to be on the planet.

Last night, I had an incredibly inspiring evening amongst an innovative crowd of people. For the first time, I got a sense of my purpose. More on this later. That’s purpose by the way, not to be confused with porpoise. LOL!!

According to Psychology Today, everyone procrastinates but 1 in 5 people do so chronically i.e deliberately looking for tasks that allow for avoidance of dealing with difficult tasks. This reflects the struggle with self-control and the inability to accurately predict how we will feel tomorrow or the next day.

Ok that’s a more extreme view and nobody likes to think that they fall into that category, right?

From a Chinese Medicine point of view, there are many reasons that somebody may be procrastinating. Putting off certain tasks may be because a person doesn’t have the vision to see how to move forward.

Stagnant energy ( or Qi ) can make our energy sluggish, for some it can be hard to get motivated, maybe feeling lethargic or just not enough energy to get everything done.

Most of us lead really busy lives, juggling professions, making ends meet, looking after kids (for those that have them) and making sure all their needs are met. There is so much more pressure on us as a generation to achieve. And there is already more competition for our kids to succeed.

Acupuncture can help the body to recharge, clear away any stagnation and tonify the system. In short, giving the body a chance to unwind, rejuvenate and relax.

When the body is relaxed, this is when all the magic happens. Cells, tissues, muscles and hormones etcetera start behaving themselves. It isn’t rocket science and this doesn’t happen when we are rushing around with a million and one things to tick off our lists.

So, to look at solutions here, as an acupuncturist I am always (pretty much) going to suggest that acupuncture & herbs can fix most things. Having said that, I really don’t want a queue of procrastinators round the block outside my clinic door.

What I would suggest is to find something that works for you. That could be a local homeopath, life coach, a fitness class, chatting with a friend who you trust. It will be different for all of you. The best person that knows what is right for you is you.

To fix anything usually requires some action . Thinking about it doesn’t make it happen. Thinking is just that. Thinking.

( Reproduced with kind permission from funnytimes.com )


You gotta have faith

Look what I found this morning… A happy person in Hertfordshire. This young man’s smile knocked my socks off this morning.


When you look around do you see many happy people. I don’t. So, when I do it makes me sit up and shakes my world up. It also reminds me of what my priorities should be. You’ll notice the should there.

He said that people wonder what is wrong with him because he has such a happy face.

In Chinese Medicine joy is linked to the healthiness of the heart. When energy ( Qi ) is moving smoothly without any blockages or stagnation, the person is able to be happy freely. The eyes also shine brightly.

Before I left, I asked him what his secret was. He said he believed in Jesus Christ. So, faith in something/ someone outside of ourselves seems to be a big component for people.

Faith is confidence or trust in a person or entity. Depending on the religion, faith is belief in a single god or multiple gods.

At the moment I am treating a young woman with endometriosis. She has suffered for the past 10 years. The pain has been debilitating and causes her to feel depressed. After a few sessions of acupuncture, she says she is having more good days than bad days. She has faith in the treatment and me as her practitioner.

Even after all these years of practice and all my years of training, I am pleased and sometimes surprised when patients tell me that the treatment has worked.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”
– Martin Luther King Jr.

Heroine of the Month

This month I am very inspired by one of my clients. Her Mum died this month and she is being incredibly courageous in how she is dealing with it.
When someone as close as this dies to you, there are often a mixture of emotions. Grief of course, a sense of loss, sadness, may be even guilt – we can wonder did we do enough for that person. For some, there is a sense of perfection. As long or as short as their life was, it is complete.
Some say that you only really grow up yourself once you have lost your parents. Its the second time I’ve heard that this week and I think it is true.
My client is a real inspiration. In a short space of time she is making big decisions about how she wants to spend the rest of her life. In this sense, when someone as close as a mother dies, it can give real perspective on how do you want to live the rest of your life. This resonated with me. When my own mother died, as well as a tremendous sense of loss… There was also a sense of liberation. From then on I only had to think about what was right for me and not think of myself in relation to another person.
Therein begins a completely new chapter in your life. For me, I went on to study and become an acupuncturist, got married and became a mother myself.

” Love is a state of Being. Your love is not outside; it is deep within you. You can never lose it, and it can never leave you. It is not dependent on some other body, some external form.” ( Eckhart Tolle)

My beautiful Mum in her youth