Wheel Keeps Turning

Ever felt like a hamster on a wheel? You know you’re moving. Fast at times. But there’s a sense of not really getting anywhere. Or at least the scenery looks not dissimilar to when you looked previously.

I had a great conversation with a client about this very thing this week. She is in a high powered job as an area manager for a big company. She has worked for them for 14 years but isn’t enhanced by her job. As I pointed out she could easily be with the firm for another 30 years. Would she be thanked any more or less for staying with the company for all those years. I very much doubt it.

The same scenario can resonate whether we are working “for somebody else” or seemingly have all the autonomy in the world because we work for ourselves. As a great mentor of mine said once. “I gave up my job and then realised I was working for the biggest asshole I had ever come across” ” Me.”

If you step off the wheel. the wheel will still keep turning, if only for  a while. Before another hamster comes along to take your place.

This week I signed up to a writing course with Damn Fine Words.For those following the blog you’ll remember that I entered a competition to win a place back in January this year. Not a bad entry, unfortunately I missed the deadline due to mixing up the time zones when I was in Southern Thailand.

The course starts tomorrow. There is a ‘no editing challenge ‘ so just to publish warts and all. The perfectionists amongst us will realise how much of a challenge that is.


Dare to step off the wheel? Do something different. Even if it means choosing a different wheel.

Let me know your thoughts on this one.

have a great week