Spring has Sprung


Today really feels like the beginning of Spring.

In Chinese Medicine thought, Spring is associated with the colour green, the sound of shouting, the Wood element, the climate of wind, things sprouting, your eyes, your liver, your anger, patience and altruism.

This is why Spring can also be a good time to detox, it gives the liver a chance to become rejuvenated and allows a resting period before it starts anew.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring is the time of the Liver – the body’s major organ of detoxification and here are a few ways you can help it.

  • You can cut down on foods like carbohydrates and sugar, alcohol and caffeine. This gives the liver a chance to rest and cleanse the blood. This process helps the body physically but also emotionally.
  • To assist with cleansing the blood you can eat more garlic, fresh vegetables and drink plenty of water.
  • It really helps the liver when you move, assisting the body to shake off the sluggishness of Winter. Spring is a excellent time to get more active. If your energy is low, start with some gentle walking, start with just 20 minutes every day.

You can celebrate Spring by:

Just being outside more  – what a joy after the long Winter to just be outside and enjoy more fresh air. 🌻

Having a good clear out – “out with the old, in with the new!” Getting rid of things you really don’t need, allows space for fresh, new, more appropriate things to come your way. This is the beginning of a new time.

Let go of stuff that doesn’t serve you anymore –  with the time of new beginnings it’s a good time to let go of any habits that you don’t want e.g. smoking, excess eating, cutting down on alchohol, sugar , caffeine ..  give your body and Liver a chance to rejuvenate 💙

Flying a kite– the climate of Spring is wind. It’s a sunny but windy day here on the coast today.

Shouting! Letting it go. Time to begin anew. Get all those rants out, let go of old resentments, find a way of releasing your anger without upsetting others. This is a way of emotionally clearing out, which makes space for more of the good and yummy stuff .🤑

Spring can be a good time to try out new activities or to start new projects.

However you choose to spend your time ..

Have fun!

Amanda x

You gotta have faith

Look what I found this morning… A happy person in Hertfordshire. This young man’s smile knocked my socks off this morning.


When you look around do you see many happy people. I don’t. So, when I do it makes me sit up and shakes my world up. It also reminds me of what my priorities should be. You’ll notice the should there.

He said that people wonder what is wrong with him because he has such a happy face.

In Chinese Medicine joy is linked to the healthiness of the heart. When energy ( Qi ) is moving smoothly without any blockages or stagnation, the person is able to be happy freely. The eyes also shine brightly.

Before I left, I asked him what his secret was. He said he believed in Jesus Christ. So, faith in something/ someone outside of ourselves seems to be a big component for people.

Faith is confidence or trust in a person or entity. Depending on the religion, faith is belief in a single god or multiple gods.

At the moment I am treating a young woman with endometriosis. She has suffered for the past 10 years. The pain has been debilitating and causes her to feel depressed. After a few sessions of acupuncture, she says she is having more good days than bad days. She has faith in the treatment and me as her practitioner.

Even after all these years of practice and all my years of training, I am pleased and sometimes surprised when patients tell me that the treatment has worked.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”
– Martin Luther King Jr.

Celebrating Women

Today is International Women’s Day. I don’t always remember this day but this morning it was drawn to my attention. As an acupuncturist and specialising in gynecological issues, fertility and infertility, I treat a lot of women and over the last year I have started working with babies and children, at least 80% of my practice is treating women.

I made the decision to work with gynecological issues in my last year of my acupuncture degree. One of my lecturers at the London College of Traditional Acupuncture (L.C.T.A) was very inspiring which lead me in that direction. I also went on to study Chinese Herbs which assists with more complicated cases.

There is a saying in Chinese Medicine ‘To treat one woman equals treating five men (1),’ which means that women’s systems are more complicated than men’s. Women have a menstrual cycle, they are able to conceive and create other human beings. Wow! Everybody is different and there are a lot of factors to consider. I ask questions during the consultation and based on the answers, looking at the tongue and taking the pulse, I make a diagnosis. Then I choose acupuncture points accordingly. Depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle, also determines which points I use.

It isn’t always easy to conceive and I assist women in getting pregnant either naturally or with the assistance of IVF/I.U.I. Acupuncture can improve the chances of getting pregnant by up to 60%. Sometimes women put themselves under enormous pressure to have a baby. When ovulation occurs around mid-cycle and progesterone increases in the body, it can create a physiological urge to want to get pregnant. When a woman wants a baby, they can go to incredible lengths to have one.

There are many factors involved in having a baby. One of the biggest factors is being able to relax around it. For any woman wanting a baby, who is having difficulty conceiving, it can be hard to do just that. Relax. I also coach women around the issues that come up when wanting a baby.

I love treating women, men and children. I especially enjoy the challenge of working out a treatment strategy when a women wants a child.

1)”Obstetrics and Gynecology”- Giovanni Maciocia, (2004)