The Law of Attraction

“What goes around comes around.”

Does that mean anything to you?

You reap what you sow.

We are all creations of our own mind.

What strikes me though is that sometimes others’ perceptions of ‘us’ are often quite different to how ‘we’ view ‘us.’

So if we are all products of our own imagination and we are not happy with our perceived perception. Surely, it’s time to change one’s mindset.

How do you do that?

It could be
• through meditation
• life coaching
• walk in nature
• acupuncture – thought I’d better squeeze that one in there. Ha!
• hypnotherapy
• or something else

I love synchronicity. That really works for me. The beauty… is knowing when something synchronist is happening. If something like that happens – appreciate it. If you didn’t at the time – then go back ( in your mind ) and appreciate it anyway.

I have written about this before in my piece for Entrepreneur Soul.

Truthfully, for lots of reasons it’s been a tough Winter. Imagine my surprise, when my partner gets cold called & actually allows this guy to come show her, his product. Hmmmmm, I thought.

But, fortunately ” I zipped it!”

Say nothing! Often the best course of action!

And how glad am I that I did.

Synchronicity always amazes me.

The timing of this guy calling couldn’t have been more perfect. I appreciate him for that. And her for being creative and open to receiving in that way. It’s enabling us to embark on a venture and hopefully, some adventure.

Importantly, it gives us the opportunity to continue on the path of self development.

Happy Easter kids.

Or as someone nicely reminded me earlier – each day is an opportunity for celebration. Can you appreciate that?

Learning to Love Our Vulnerability

The offending article

My client this morning gave me some food for thought.

Do we allow ourselves to be as vulnerable as we need to be sometimes….?

The lady in question is a professional woman, a master in her field. She came to me recently for acupuncture as she had been feeling as if her ” body was letting her down.” Decreased energy levels, achyness in her limbs and a general feeling of having lost her ” get up and go.”

After a few sessions….she is starting to regain some of her old zest.

This morning, she came in for her session after she had slipped and fallen. She was in shock when she arrived and tearful. She turned up for her session, allowing herself to be vulnerable. Something that on reflection, I imagine she does not readily do. For that alone, I appreciate her.

When the chips are down, how easy is it to ask for the assistance of your friends/family/colleagues…?

A couple of months ago, whilst putting my daughter to bed we suddenly realised that she must have dropped her favourite toy in the local playground. After some cajoling -with reassurances that we would (somehow) get Sammy the Seal back – she settled.

On returning downstairs, my partner went through all the what ifs of what could happen to the toy. When I looked across the sofa and saw her tear-stained face, I realised that she was more affected than our little one about the disappearance of the toy. My partner had bought it as a special gift on the birth of our daughter.

With the prospect of a teary Friday evening ahead; I cracked.

” Right that’s it, I’m going to find it.”

To cries of….” No, you can’t its really dangerous, dark and all the local teenagers hang out there of a night-time…”

Undeterred, I wasn’t prepared to let that put me off as the list of what-ifs grew in my mind.

My partner said ” Right I’ll call Frank and see if he can accompany you to the park.”

Now it was my turn to be alarmed,

“NO! Its Friday night and he will be relaxing by now.” And for good measure, ” And he’s got work tomorrow.”

Crazily, I would have rathered go to the ‘dangerous’ park after dark than ask a friend for a small favour. I relented and let her make the call.

As I leant down to assist my client with her boot this morning, it struck me…what does it take for us to let down our guard and ask for the assistance we need…?

For me, my coach hit the nail on the head the other week, during one of my monthly coaching sessions.

She said, ” You have to treat yourself like you would your best friend.”

That has really resonated for me ever since. How kind are we being to ourselves? Do we give ourselves the self-care that we need? Or the appreciation? How easy is it to ask for a sticking plaster ocassionally?